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Make It, Take It Day 2020

Every year, The Malvern School hosts a special Make It, Take It Day full of winter crafting fun for our young friends, and this year was no exception. Students of all ages – across all of our schools – had the opportunity to dig into seasonal crafts and create their own unique works of art… Read More

Catapult Creativity at Home With These Simple Steps

Supplies Needed: Popsicle sticks, rubber bands, plastic spoons or cups, glue, paint, cotton balls, paper plates.  Creating a Simple Catapult By using just a few household items and a little help, children can create a DIY simple catapult all by themselves!  Form a letter “A” using popsicle sticks and rubber bands. Repeat this two times… Read More

School Spotlight: The Malvern School of Jackson – Art Display in the Jackson Community

Art is not only a fun, hands-on activity that children enjoy, but it also plays a vital role in early childhood development and education. Recently, our friends at our Jackson school had the opportunity to share their creations with the community with an art display at the local branch of the Ocean County Library. Our… Read More

Try This at Home: Fox in Socks Craft

We have been having a blast celebrating Dr. Seuss as one of our Authors of the Month all March long! Beyond reading, we have explored his wacky but wise collection of books with everything from themed dress-up days to classroom door decorating contests and all types of art projects. To keep the fun going at… Read More

Getting Crafty with Artist of the Month Henry Moore

Our artist of the month, Henry Moore (1898-1986), has been called the most popular and influential sculptor of the 20th century. His art lives in many major cities around the world, including Philadelphia, where his “Three-Way Piece Number 1: Points” abstract sculpture takes up residence on Benjamin Franklin Parkway between 16th and 17th streets. Using… Read More

We’re Snow Excited It’s Winter!

It may be cold outside, but we’re already having ‘snow’ much fun this winter! We’ve been bundling up and burning off some steam on our playgrounds and fields as the weather allows. We’ve also been exercising our creativity, our minds and our bodies indoors – all while getting into the holiday spirit. Leading up to… Read More

Make It, Take It and Try It at Home

It was a special #MakeItMonday at The Malvern School this week! We celebrated Make It, Take It Day with our students and their families, who were invited to join our classes for a fun afternoon of winter craft making. Our teachers planned different, age-appropriate projects in each of our rooms – giving children the opportunity… Read More

A ‘Beary’ Special Story Time

Among the many things that are stressed to parents is the importance of reading aloud to children starting in infancy – and for good reason. We know it helps language development, comprehension, creativity, imagination, and even boosts brain activity. Literacy is foundational to our curriculum and integrated into our lesson plans in many different ways.… Read More

Music Fun for Everyone!

Whether it’s familiar tunes that ease children into their school days, multicultural melodies to broaden their horizons or soothing rest time lullabies for our younger friends, music is an important — and fun — part of our curriculum at The Malvern School. While we use music as a learning tool every day to foster creativity… Read More

Mobile Sculptures: An Art History Lesson

Our artist of the month is Alexander Calder – American sculpture and the originator of the mobile – a type of moving sculpture made with delicately balanced or suspended shapes that move in response to touch or air currents. Today, mobiles are popular in nurseries and are known to provide entertainment and visual stimulation to… Read More

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