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Artist of the Month

Exploring Literacy and the Arts

Literacy and art of all sorts are important parts of a well-rounded approach to early learning, and they are certainly beloved components of our Malvern School curriculum. Learning about our Authors and Artists of the Month in particular is always a big hit! As the names suggest, each month all of our schools have two… Read More

Inside the World of Takashi Murakami

  The Malvern School’s artist of the month takes students across the globe with Takashi Murakami, a contemporary artist born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Takashi was born on February 1st, 1962, and was inspired at a young age by his mother’s designed textile art. Early on in his life, Takashi was a fan of… Read More

October Curriculum Corner

A busy and fun month is already underway! Check out what our friends are focusing on throughout October and track along with your child’s daily Tadpoles reports to see how our curriculum – customized for the individual children in each classroom – comes to life every day. Theme: People We Love Our October theme focuses… Read More

Getting Crafty with Artist of the Month Henry Moore

Our artist of the month, Henry Moore (1898-1986), has been called the most popular and influential sculptor of the 20th century. His art lives in many major cities around the world, including Philadelphia, where his “Three-Way Piece Number 1: Points” abstract sculpture takes up residence on Benjamin Franklin Parkway between 16th and 17th streets. Using… Read More

Exploring Realism with Artist of the Month Andrew Wyeth

Born and raised in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, Andrew Wyeth – our November Artist of the Month – was perhaps one of the most well-known American artists of the mid 1900s. While his local connection alone is worth celebrating, his signature style, particularly as a realist painter, also offers a rich educational platform for young children. … Read More

Mobile Sculptures: An Art History Lesson

Our artist of the month is Alexander Calder – American sculpture and the originator of the mobile – a type of moving sculpture made with delicately balanced or suspended shapes that move in response to touch or air currents. Today, mobiles are popular in nurseries and are known to provide entertainment and visual stimulation to… Read More

Artist of the Month: Claude Monet

At The Malvern School, our art programs are based on process-focused art experiences. We find that providing young children with the freedom to create art without too much direction encourages imagination and opens up their creativity. The end product is unique and original, and the child finds the experience to be calming and relaxing. Our… Read More

Artist of the Month: Marc Chagall

Our Artist of the Month for November is Russian-French artist, Marc Chagall. An early modernist, Chagall was known to mix several mediums including painting, stained glass, illustrations and ceramics. As a part of the Cubism and Expressionist movements, most of his works were abstract with dream-like qualities. Marc Chagall enjoyed painting real life objects. Our… Read More

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