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Get Set Program

Early Childhood Education Programs in NJ and PA

The Malvern School provides children in this age group with learning activities that are perfect for their “get ready, get set and go” stage. In addition to gross motor activities in a safe environment, children participate in varied language experiences through games, nursery rhymes, poems, fingerplays and conversation. Get Set is one of our signature early childhood education programs where children concentrate on independence and self-help skills.

OUR GOALS FOR THE GET SET Early Childhood education program ARE:
  • Physical development through running, skipping, galloping and play on the outdoor equipment
  • Fine motor development through puzzles, zippers, buttons, snaps, cutting and blocks
  • Social and emotional development through fantasy and parallel play
  • Musical skills through rhythm instruments, singing and creative movement
  • Arts and crafts activities offer opportunities to explore a variety of materials and textures such as finger-painting, gluing, drawing, coloring, cutting and much more
  • Development of sharing skills, cooperative play and independence skills
  • Development of self-help skills including potty training
  • Opportunities to play computer games, dress-up, read, build and explore in our Discovery Room

As one of our signature early childhood education programs, the Get Set Program is offered at each of our Malvern School locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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