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At The Malvern School, our foundation is rooted in the philosophy to deliver high-quality education that is centered around our Core Values. Founded by teachers, our commitment to always put the children first is steadfast and our passion for early childhood education is at the center of all we do in our schools. While everyone at The Malvern School contributes to our overall success, it is our exceptional leadership team, Directors, teachers and staff that make a difference in young children’s lives each day.
“Each day your influence on teaching young children has the potential to stay with them for a lifetime. You are opening their little minds to creativity; you are leading them to have open hearts; you are inspiring them to have a love of learning; you are giving them the opportunities to be the best that they can be. You are what makes our profession so important.”
–Kristen M. Waterfield, Founder and CEO

Are you ready to enrich your life today, and a child’s life forever™?


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