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For Early Childhood Education

Preschool Program

The Malvern School Preschool Programs in NJ & PA

The Preschool Program offered at The Malvern School introduces children to math, science and social studies through weekly themes and projects. Aesthetic expression is also encouraged through music and art activities. The learning environment is culturally diverse and children develop a positive self-image and respect for others through our engaging Preschool Program.

  • Language and vocabulary development through books, flannel board stories, storytelling, show and tell, puppets and poetry
  • Listening and communication skills such as letter-sound recognition and word recognition
  • Science skills by introducing the children to animals, nature, weather and all the wonders of the world
  • Math experiences including computer games, number recognition, and matching of sets
  • Enhanced fine and gross motor skills and an understanding of movement through planned indoor and outdoor activities
  • Music skills through the use of rhythm instruments and singing
  • Art appreciation during finger-painting, brush painting, coloring, pasting, gluing, printing and cutting
  • Development of imagination skills by offering opportunities to explore science, art, reading and much more in our Discovery Room

The Malvern School offers Preschool Programs at each of our locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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