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For Early Childhood Education

Infant Daycare

(Beginning at 6 weeks old)*

At the Malvern School, our Infant Program** provides a warm, nurturing environment for your child and offers countless opportunities for your child to explore through observation, movement, and use of their senses. We go beyond the traditional infant program to introduce education at an early age. Curriculum implementation considers the varying ages and schedules of each child.

*Age ranges are approximate. **The Malvern School Curriculum is fully aligned with State Early Learning Standards.

Infant doing tummy time with a sensory board
Teacher holding a soft block and playing with an infant on an activity mat
Infant sitting up on their own smiling
Infant sitting at a table in the classroom
4 infants being strapped into a cart with a sun canopy by a teacher
Teacher holding an infant over her shoulder. Both are smiling.
Infant holding up a toy and using a wall to assist in standing
Teacher holding infant up in the air
Infant climbing on soft arches in play area
Teacher feeding infants at a table


Language/communication skill-building through introduction and repetition of words, phrases, and sounds using objects, books, photos, and personal interactions that include listening, babbling, gesturing, and facial expressions.

Social/emotional well-being through positive reciprocal interactions with teaching staff and peers, and recognition of familiar teachers and friends.

Development of physical skills with daily attention to tummy time, leg exercises, rolling over, reaching, creeping and crawling, pulling up, walking, hand-eye coordination, and picking up objects including finger foods.

Enjoyment of art and music experiences such as responding to music, exploring musical instruments, dancing, use of simple art materials, creating and responding to images, painting, tearing, and crumpling.

Nurturing curiosity and interest in the world, and the delight of discovering new things through the use of the five senses.

Our older infants have the opportunity to explore in our Fascination Station. With a teacher close at hand, this custom room is a place where your child can see, touch, and do through hands-on activities.

The Malvern Way trademarked logo. Red apple with a white shield and red heart inside of it. Tagline reads: Teacher-Led, Child-Centered, Accredited

The Malvern School is dedicated to educating young children through diverse and innovative programming. When choosing The Malvern School, families' expectations are met through our commitment to providing the finest curriculum and staff, all in a nurturing environment. We pride ourselves on implementing a curriculum that is designed to meet your child's individual needs as well as meeting both NAEYC best practices and Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards. At the Malvern School, your child will learn and feel loved.

NAEYC Accreditation

The Malvern School curriculum is designed to meet or exceed the standards established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the nation’s largest early childhood accrediting organization.

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Health and Safety

At The Malvern School, always putting the children – and their health and safety – first is a responsibility that we are committed to delivering on every day.

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Parent Engagement

We are proud to partner with Tadpoles to send daily profiles, pictures and more. You won’t find this elevated level of communication at traditional daycares. Our parents rave about the thorough reports they receive.

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Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are college educated in early childhood education and/or elementary education and have a wealth of experience in the field. Our Lead Teachers plan, supervise and implement an early childhood education program in accordance with The Malvern School philosophy and NAEYC standards.

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*Physical need routines (feeding, diapering, naps)

These can be done in groups or individually. Activities fall within the following categories: language, social/emotional, physical, art and music.

We have 3 age-appropriate playgrounds for every school: an infant playground, toddler playground, and pre-k and up playground.

Our Fascination Station is a favorite among our younger children (Infants, First Step and Toddlers). This custom design room offers the opportunity for your child to see, touch, and do through hands-on activities to help satisfy their curious nature.

*Physical need routines (feeding, diapering, naps)

Activities fall within our 5 learning categories (language, social/emotional, physical, art and music) and can be done individually or in groups.

Children will play in our age-appropriate infant playground.

Physical need routines (feeding, diapering, naps) and self-selected activities will happen at this time. Teachers will communicate with parents at pick-up about their child’s day.

This is a sample infant schedule; actual schedules will vary by location. The infant program is designed to be individualized and allows for children to be on their own personal schedule. *Diapers are checked and changed throughout the day, at a minimum of every two hours, or as needed.


Choosing The Malvern School® today will be one of the best decisions you make for your child’s tomorrow. Come experience all The Malvern School has to offer! Find a location in your neighborhood and schedule a tour today.


Choosing child care is one of the most important decisions you face as a parent. The Malvern School appreciates childhood as a special and unique stage of life. Our goal is to offer you and your child a high quality, developmentally appropriate program in a secure, creative, and stimulating environment. We offer programs for children aged 6 months all the way to 8 years, so your child can grow with Malvern over the years.

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