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For Early Childhood Education

Infant Program

Infant Child Care – Daycare for Infants

You love them before they’re even born. And now it’s time to send your precious child to preschool. Where will you find a school where your child will learn and feel loved? At The Malvern School, our infant child care program provides a warm, nurturing environment for your child. Our program goes beyond traditional infant child care and infant daycare to introduce education at an early age.

  • Developing a personal relationship with a cherished teacher
  • A nurturing and secure environment with lots of tender loving care
  • Communication through body language, gestures, facial expressions, laughs and other sounds, and after 12 months, with words and phrases
  • Physical awareness through leg exercises, head control and mobility, creeping and crawling, pulling up, rolling over, walking, climbing and dancing
  • Explore new things and be drawn to objects with vivid color and interesting textures
  • Social and emotional growth encouraging our infants to carefully observe and interact with the world around them
  • Eye-hand coordination through sucking, grasping and object holding

The Malvern School offers an Infant Program at each of our locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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