For Early Childhood Education

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For Early Childhood Education

Kindergarten Enrichment Program

(Beginning at 5 years old)*

The Malvern School Kindergarten Enrichment Program** provides an opportunity for children to enrich their skills and interests. Teachers develop weekly plans to support your child’s academic success and provide personalized homework support. Children have the opportunity to visit with friends, participate in group games/activities, and relax after the school day. In Kindergarten Enrichment, our goal is to supplement the education your kindergartener is experiencing at school.

*Age range is approximate. **The Malvern School Curriculum is fully aligned with State Early Learning Standards. Kindergarten Enrichment is offered at select Malvern School locations only. Contact us for more details.


Includes reading, creating, and understanding a variety of stories and poems.

Comprehension of math concepts including basic functions, geometry, measurement, and telling time.

Understanding the scientific process including hypothesizing, experimenting, and reflective thinking.

Building a community of learners who develop problem-solving skills and cultural awareness, while making new friends through positive social interactions.

Development of fine and large motor activities that will enable children to refine their writing ability, attempt various sports, and engage in daily active play.

Enjoyment and appreciation of the creative arts, including visual arts, music and movement, and dance and drama.

In the Discovery Room, Kindergarten Enrichment students can explore in the sensory center, play dress-up and pretend, and make music.

After School Program

(5 to 8 years old)*

Just because their school day is over doesn’t mean that they stop learning! The Malvern School offers an After School Program that continues to motivate and inspire learning for children up to 2nd grade after their school day is over. Our staff provides personalized homework support, large and small group games and activities, an after school snack, and the opportunity to visit with friends and relax. We provide transportation to and from local schools so parents are assured their child is in a safe environment. The goal of our After School Program is to supplement the education your child is experiencing at school.**

*Age ranges are approximate. **The Malvern School Curriculum is fully aligned with State Early Learning Standards.



  • Sports and games that get our school-agers moving
  • Creative fun with all types of arts and crafts and music
  • Social interactions through exposure to cooperative groups and opportunities to develop new friendships
  • Assistance with homework
  • Before school hours available upon request
  • Full and part day attendance options on school closing days and early dismissals
  • Discovery Room: explore in the sensory center, play dress-up and pretend, make music, do arts and crafts, read, or work on the computers


Arrival is for Kindergarten Enrichment students.

Includes greeting songs, group activities, important updates, job selection, and review of the daily schedule.

Parent-provided lunch is given to the children at this time.

Children will play in our age-appropriate playground.

Curriculum Plan activities include reading/language arts, science, physical, music, math concepts, multi-cutural/social studies, art experiences, computer.

Children will play in our age-appropriate playground.

Learning center activities will happen at this time until students are picked up.

Throughout the afternoon, school aged students are encouraged to develop independent self-help skills when using the restroom, during lunch and snack, and managing their belongings and school materials.


Choosing The Malvern School® today will be one of the best decisions you make for your child’s tomorrow. Come experience all The Malvern School has to offer! Find a location in your neighborhood and schedule a tour today.

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