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How to Choose a Preschool – A Quality Checklist

How to Choose a Preschool - A Preschool Checklist

Wondering how to choose a preschool that’s right for you? To assist parents in making the right choice for their child, we’ve created a Quality Checklist to use during your preschool search. When touring, bring this checklist with you to determine which schools meet or exceed the highest standards in early childhood education. We are confident you won’t find a better fit than The Malvern School! To download this checklist as a PDF, please click here.


  • Exhibits a loving, nurturing atmosphere
  • Is NAEYC Accredited or has the goal of becoming NAEYC Accredited
  • Employs degreed head teachers in every classroom
  • Has two highly-qualified directors, who are knowledgeable in center management and child development
  • Implements a developmentally-appropriate program that is child centered
  • Provides a curriculum that helps each child reach their full potential
  • Maintains state-mandated ratios and NAEYC recommended group sizes
  • Completes detailed developmental assessments on all children, and offers parent conferences
  • Implements a stringent quality standards review program
  • Is exceptionally clean and organized
  • Has a professional, friendly staff
  • Emphasizes a healthy and safe environment
  • Is well equipped with a variety of play and educational materials
  • Offers separate playgrounds to meet the developmental needs of different age groups
  • Has observation windows in classrooms
  • Integrates computers into learning process
  • Encourages parent involvement
  • Exhibits an atmosphere of positive staff morale
  • Encourages a balance of small group, large group, and independent learning experiences
  • Has children who are learning and feel loved!

We are proud that The Malvern School meets every criteria on this checklist. That’s why choosing The Malvern School today is one of the best decisions you will make for your child’s tomorrow. Click here to schedule a tour.

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