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For Early Childhood Education

Our Teachers

The Malvern School’s unwavering commitment to providing superior early childhood education begins with our instructors. Our teachers are degreed in early childhood education and/or elementary education and have a wealth of experience in the field. Our Head Teachers plan, supervise and implement an early childhood education program in accordance with The Malvern School philosophy and NAEYC standards. Along with the Assistant Teacher, they plan developmentally appropriate activities that take into account each child’s individual skills, interests, talents and special needs. Each of our schools is lead by an Executive Director and a Director of Education. Most of our locations also have a Curriculum Coordinator and Health and Safety Coordinator that work in tandem with the Directors.

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall operation of the school and leads a team of qualified child educators. They ensure that a superior early childhood education program is found in every classroom, serve as a resource and leader to the staff and create a professional and motivating work environment. Additionally, the Executive Director maintains on-going communication with parents.

The Director of Education works in concert with the Executive Director. They oversee all areas of our early childhood education program to achieve performance at NAEYC standards, models appropriate classroom practices, conducts formal and informal observations of the teaching staff and provides regular communications with parents and staff.

Working under the supervision of the Executive Director and the Director of Education, the Curriculum Coordinator serves as a mentor and a resource to our teachers for curriculum criteria, teaching methods, classroom management strategies and all aspects of implementing The Malvern School program.

Our Health and Safety Coordinator serves as a resource for teachers and parents on health and safety issues with articles and training on various topics, schedules and conducts monthly fire drills, maintains first aid and other safety supplies and monitors daily sanitation practices and medication procedures.

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