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First Step Program

First Step preschool program – Nursery School in New Jersey and PennsylvaniaThe Malvern School provides “First Steppers” with a warm, stimulating environment and opportunities to explore and make choices under the guidance of a caring, experienced teacher. Our nursery school curriculum focuses on building independence and confidence while engaging in fun, age-appropriate learning activities. Our small group provides a sense of security during this transition period from infancy to toddlerhood.

Our Goals for the First Step Preschool Program Are:
  • Advancing cognitive abilities with daily activities related to colors, textures, shapes and basic awareness of letter and number concepts
  • Language and communication skill-building through naming or asking for familiar objects, repeating common words or phrases, listening, reading, and singing
  • Social/emotional well being through positive interactions with teaching staff and peers, problem-solving skills, and imaginative play
  • Nurturing curiosity and interest in the world around them as well as learning through inquiry and exploration.
  • Development of physical skills with daily attention to improving walking, grasping, self-feeding, and hand-eye coordination
  • Enjoyment of art and music experiences such as simple songs and fingerplays, exploring musical instruments, dancing, use of art materials and creating and responding to art

The Malvern School offers a First Step preschool program at each of our locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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