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The Malvern School of Medford

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Week of the Young Child

Children are always at the center of the diverse and engaging programs that keep our friends learning and growing at The Malvern School. Nevertheless, our teachers and families look forward to the Week of the Young Child year after year as a special opportunity to celebrate the value and importance of early childhood education. Sponsored… Read More

Our 20 Favorite Children’s Books

Some are classics, and some are not-so-obvious choices – but they’re all top picks for children’s books selected by our exceptional staff and directors. If you’re looking for new reads to share with your little one, this roundup is a great place to start! Here are our 20 favorite books for children: 1. Director of… Read More

Creativity and Good Nutrition in the Kitchen

Like any healthy habit, good nutrition is important for children to learn from an early age.   Fueling up – not just filling up – helps: Kids grow physically Promote brain development Stabilize energy and moods Prevent disease and the benefits don’t stop there. Given that food is an important part of all of our… Read More

Father’s Day Festivities

The Malvern School Dads do so much for their children each and every day. That’s why it was so special to take time from busy work and school days to celebrate just how much our friends love their fathers. Last Friday, we invited all dads, grandfathers and other special family members to our schools for… Read More

Malvern School Mom Love!

Mother’s Day is such an exciting holiday for young children! For them, it’s an opportunity to shine as they show appreciation for their mommies, grandmothers and other important family members in all different ways. At The Malvern School, it’s a privilege to help our friends express just how much they love these special ladies! With… Read More

Fitness Fun Day!

Fitness is a core part of our curriculum at The Malvern School that our friends and teachers have an absolute ball with. We focus not only on cultivating healthy minds – but also healthy bodies through the continual development of large motor skills in fun, unique ways. From assisting infants who are learning to sit… Read More

Going Places with Yoga

What do you get when you cross a monthly educational theme of “In Transit” and a love of yoga for young children? Transportation yoga, of course! At The Malvern School, we’re big advocates of yoga for our young friends. We practice it from the Infant room to our Kindergarten Enrichment class, year-round, indoors and out.… Read More

We’re Snow Excited It’s Winter!

It may be cold outside, but we’re already having ‘snow’ much fun this winter! We’ve been bundling up and burning off some steam on our playgrounds and fields as the weather allows. We’ve also been exercising our creativity, our minds and our bodies indoors – all while getting into the holiday spirit. Leading up to… Read More

Make It, Take It and Try It at Home

It was a special #MakeItMonday at The Malvern School this week! We celebrated Make It, Take It Day with our students and their families, who were invited to join our classes for a fun afternoon of winter craft making. Our teachers planned different, age-appropriate projects in each of our rooms – giving children the opportunity… Read More

Malvern School STEAM Day Success

The great leaders, thinkers and doers that will shape the future of tomorrow are sitting in our classrooms today. Down the line, they will be the ones who must create and innovate to drive their eventual careers, companies and our country forward – and exposure to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) at a… Read More

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