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Parent Perspectives: Returning to School

The decision of when to return to school and childcare is personal for every family – but in making that call, it can be helpful to hear from others who may be in similar situations. We know there is curiosity and uncertainty among families who have not yet returned to school, or whose little ones… Read More

Four Tips for Making the Most of Remote Parent-Teacher Conferences

At The Malvern School, we not only form a strong bond with your child, but we also value our connection with you as a family. We are partners in your child’s education and we want to see them grow and develop with a strong foundation for the future. Each year, we host two formal opportunities… Read More

How to Encourage Independent Play

Though we’re huge proponents of socialization and providing little ones personalized attention at The Malvern School, there are also a host of benefits children can realize when they learn to play independently. When children play solo – in age-appropriate doses – it does more than take the pressure off parents. It also fosters creativity, critical… Read More

Simple (but Powerful) Mindfulness Activities for Children and Adults

Practicing mindfulness comes with list of benefits nearly a mile long – among them the ability to help develop empathy and curiosity, increase focus and self-regulation, promote happiness and optimism, relieve stress and anxiety, and that’s not all. “Children are uniquely suited to benefit from mindfulness practice,” says New York Times writer David Gelles in… Read More

Six Types of Brain-Building Questions You Should Be Asking Your Child

“Did you have a good day?” “Did you have fun at the park?” “Did you enjoy the book?” It’s exceedingly easy to fall into the pattern of asking children these types of close-ended questions. They’ll probably get you one- or two-word answers, maybe more if you’re lucky, but more often than not, they leave a… Read More

How to Ease Your Child’s Back-to-School Anxiety

While young children are incredibly adaptive and resilient, parents know some transitions, such as heading back to school, can be difficult for kids to manage – especially if they have been home for an extended period of time, like some of our friends this spring and summer. The good news is with a little bit… Read More

Tried-and-True Tips for Getting Young Kids Comfortable Wearing Face Masks

Whether you’re gearing up for your child’s return to school or taking COVID-19 precautions as you venture out with your little one, we know parents may be facing – or fearing – challenges getting their kids comfortable wearing face masks. Maybe you’re seeing other children wearing masks but think your son or daughter would never… Read More

Five Fun & Easy at Home Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy

Right now, staying well at home is our number one priority. Priority number two? Keeping our children busy while learning and having fun! While it’s a tall task when time at home has been altered and amplified, we’re here to help with five easy activities you can try with your children when the inevitable boredom… Read More

6 Ideas to Keep Your Kids Moving This Winter

With colder weather keeping us cooped up, many of our favorite ways to stay active tend to remain dormant throughout the winter. Although our Malvern School friends get outside whenever they can, in the home stretch of the season cabin fever is at an all-time high with restless children (and parents, too!) However, there are… Read More

4 Character-Building Lessons from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we reflect on the countless lessons bestowed upon us that live on with his legacy. As the great civil rights leader who stressed the importance of unity, peace, education, and more, Martin Luther King provided valuable lessons that can be applied to many aspects… Read More

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