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Winter Staycation Activities for Families

Winter getaways are great, but hanging close to home for a family staycation can be pretty awesome, too! Whether you have a week, a long weekend or just a few days, you can fit in tons of fun with activities that everyone will enjoy.

Not quite sure what to do?

Check out these staycation staples!

1. Plan your own theme day.
Gingerbread Day. Arts and Crafts Day. Storybook Character Day. The options are endless. Once you land on a theme, let it guide your day – from what you wear to what you do, read, eat and more.

2. Visit a children’s museum.
These destinations offer hours of entertainment in a kid-friendly format. Your family can dig into hands-on activities, age-appropriate experiments, dramatic play, building stations and unforgettable immersive experiences.

3. Bake or cook together at home.
Young kids love to practice measuring, scooping, mixing and, best of all, being special helpers. It’s a great opportunity to take your time, enjoy the process and make some yummy food.

4. Explore new cuisine.
Introducing children to new foods and flavors can actually be a really fun experience (and help expand their palate). Whether you pick up some different items at the grocery store or venture out to explore a restaurant with a new type of cuisine, it’s sure to be an adventure.

5. Visit your local library.
Dig into some new books and get a change of scenery at your local library. So many libraries also offer much more than books, like activity kits to check out or even on-site children’s programming  to change things up.

6. Go for a scavenger hunt around the house.
Who says you have to go out to have a good time? Plan a scavenger hunt for your little one around the house. You can give them specific items to search for or have them seek out specific colors, shapes or items that start with a specific letter. To keep it going, create multiple rounds that get more challenging as you go.

7. Take a virtual field trip.
There’s no shortage of interesting virtual field trips that let you broaden your horizons from the comfort of your own home. Explore virtual field trips from zoos, aquariums, national parks, farms, museums, NASA and more. Search online for whatever you think would pique your child’s interest and discover the possibilities.

8. Spend the night at a local hotel.
Staying at a hotel for a night or two is fun for kids, even if you’re close to home. It can feel like you’re a world away and more like a vacation, minus the travel expenses. Your family can enjoy all the amenities. Did someone say indoor pool?



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