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The Malvern School of Frazer

Exploring Literacy and the Arts

Literacy and art of all sorts are important parts of a well-rounded approach to early learning, and they are certainly beloved components of our Malvern School curriculum. Learning about our Authors and Artists of the Month in particular is always a big hit! As the names suggest, each month all of our schools have two… Read More

All Aboard! Celebrating Cultures From Around the World

At The Malvern School, we believe our differences make the world a beautiful place! Our schools are filled with families, teachers and staff from all over the world, and we make a conscious effort to celebrate all types of diversity in many different age-appropriate ways. Our school-wide multicultural events for students and families demonstrate how… Read More

From Teaching Elementary School to Early Childhood Education: How Ms. Dana Auman Helps Preschoolers Prepare for Kindergarten

Our team at The Malvern School is incredibly proud that six of our teachers from across various school locations have been recognized as recipients of the 2021 Terri Lynne Lokoff Teacher Awards in honor of their dedication, expertise and commitment to providing high-quality early learning experiences. This blog kicks off a Q&A series that will… Read More

From Student to Teacher: Hannah Westfall Returns to The Malvern School as Head of the Class

When Hannah Westfall graduated from Pre-K at The Malvern School of Frazer in 2001, little did she know she would walk through the big red doors again 20 years later as a teacher at The Malvern School of Oaks. So, what brought the DeSales University grad back to where her education first started? “I have… Read More

Make It, Take It Day 2020

Every year, The Malvern School hosts a special Make It, Take It Day full of winter crafting fun for our young friends, and this year was no exception. Students of all ages – across all of our schools – had the opportunity to dig into seasonal crafts and create their own unique works of art… Read More

The Benefits of Sensory Play

What do you see? What do you feel? What do you hear? These are all questions we may ask during a sensory play activity.  What is Sensory Play? Sensory play is much more than a buzzword in early childhood education. This thought-provoking style of play stimulates a child’s five senses: touch, taste, sight, sound, and… Read More

Behind the Scenes of Young Authors’ Night

Throughout this week and last, Pre-K classes at all of our schools are taking the stage for Young Authors’ Night – an annual event where each student has the opportunity to read aloud a book they have written to an audience of families, friends and teachers. In addition to being an exciting activity that allows… Read More

We’re Scientists, Engineers and Explorers!

Exploring and experimenting is what young children do best. From a very early age, they instinctively test their environments, actions and reactions – learning, discovery by discovery, how the world works. This reflex and drive to explore is something we not only work to encourage in infants and toddlers, but – just as importantly –… Read More

Malvern School STEAM Day Success

The great leaders, thinkers and doers that will shape the future of tomorrow are sitting in our classrooms today. Down the line, they will be the ones who must create and innovate to drive their eventual careers, companies and our country forward – and exposure to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) at a… Read More

Celebrate the Season! Join us at the Fall Harvest Festival

Now that our school year is in full swing, we at The Malvern School are fully embracing fall and all of the fun and exciting activities we have planned this season! We are excited to announce our annual Harvest Festival! This event will be held on October 24th from 10am-1pm and is open not only… Read More

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