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School Spotlight: The Malvern School of Jackson – Art Display in the Jackson Community

Art is not only a fun, hands-on activity that children enjoy, but it also plays a vital role in early childhood development and education. Recently, our friends at our Jackson school had the opportunity to share their creations with the community with an art display at the local branch of the Ocean County Library.

Our friends used process art to create several seasonal masterpieces on display now until the end of March! Process art is a developmentally- appropriate way to approach art experiences. At The Malvern School we use process art to focus on the experience the child has while they’re creating, rather than the end product. For example, during a painting activity, there is an emphasis on how the child learns to hold the brush, move it in different ways, and make different colors by mixing paint; not what the painting looks like. This allows them the freedom to be themselves, make their own decisions, and just create!



The Malvern School of Jackson’s artwork is now proudly displayed at the Jackson Branch of the Ocean County Library for all to see. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and see children’s growth and development at work!

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