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Music Fun for Everyone!

Whether it’s familiar tunes that ease children into their school days, multicultural melodies to broaden their horizons or soothing rest time lullabies for our younger friends, music is an important — and fun — part of our curriculum at The Malvern School. While we use music as a learning tool every day to foster creativity and exploration, develop early literacy skills and encourage physical movement, this week children and teachers across all of our Schools celebrated Music Fun Day with extra special activities and visitors.

Take a look at how our friends celebrated one of our most spirited days of the year and check out some new ideas for things you can try with your child at home.

Make instruments play double duty. It’s double the fun to use certain instruments, like bell shakers, maracas or drumsticks as art tools. They work great for mixing colors, painting and creating original artwork.  

Get creative with live music. Students had a blast singing and dancing with special musical guests. However, live music doesn’t always need to be a performance or concert. Ask around and you may find others, like relatives, neighbors or friends, who also play instruments and can teach more informally.

Match music and science. Play on the fact that these subjects are inherently intertwined. Music can be a fun door opener for lessons about science, such as learning about vibrations by allowing kids to create different notes by tapping glasses with different levels of water.

Build memory muscle. While playing an instrument relies on muscle memory, music can also strengthen memory skills in young children. Try creating matching cards featuring different instruments, which will give kids simple musical patterns to memorize or help them to master songs through repetition.

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