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Teacher Award Honoree Ms. Chelsea Moyer Counts Relationships and Routines Among Her Secrets to Success

Our team at The Malvern School is incredibly proud that six of our teachers from across various school locations have been recognized as recipients of the 2021 Terri Lynne Lokoff Teacher Awards in honor of their dedication, expertise and commitment to providing high-quality early learning experiences. This blog is part of a Q&A series that will spotlight each of the awardees.


Being recognized with the Terri Lynne Lokoff Teacher Award – and ranking among the top 10 award recipients from teachers across the country (!) – is no easy feat. Ms. Chelsea Moyer, Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher at The Malvern School of Blue Bell, would know. She earned both of those honors this year, a testament to the love and energy she pours into teaching and connecting with each of her students.

We sat down with Chelsea to learn more about her perspective on early childhood education and her secrets to success in the classroom.


TMS: What drives you and your approach to teaching?

CM: Learning should be fun! It’s such a simple concept but also incredibly important. When writing lesson plans, I am always thinking about how to get the maximum amount of engagement out of my students. Sometimes this means a lot of movement or getting a little messy, but whenever there is an opportunity for a lesson to be hands-on, I seize it. I also try my best to bring excitement and energy to the material. If the children see that I am enjoying myself, they’ll want to join in, too!


TMS: What’s your secret to success in the classroom?

CM: My secret to success is focusing on relationships and routines. I love teaching academic concepts and coming up with fun activities for the children to engage in, but none of that is possible until I have formed a relationship with the children in my class. Children want to learn from people who they feel connected to! I strive to convey to the children that I am invested in them and that I am truly happy to know them.

In order to maintain a safe and harmonious classroom, I also spend a great deal of time explicitly teaching routines and expectations. This sets the whole room up for success throughout the year!


TMS: Why did you choose to dedicate your career to early childhood education?

CM: Early learning sets young children up for bright future school experiences! Children who attend early learning programs are not just learning pre-academic concepts but are also developing critical social-emotional skills. Before they even get to grade school, they will have had numerous opportunities to grow into compassionate, kind, respectful and helpful little humans. Early childhood educators play such an important role in shaping the perspectives these young children have regarding school and learning. It is one of the most important jobs around!


TMS: What does being a recipient of the Terri Lynne Lokoff Teacher Award mean to you?

CM: It is still hard for me to believe I was selected as a recipient for this award! I have always tried to be the best teacher I can be for my students, and receiving this award lets me know I am on the right track. The work doesn’t end here though; this is also an encouragement to keep going! I consider myself to be a life-long learner, so I will continue to work on growing as an educator.


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