Meet The Malvern School�s Newest Executive Director, Emily Olivares

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Jul 15, 2024
We couldn�t be more excited to open our new school, The Malvern School of Marlton, in June! This past Saturday we hosted our first Open House at the new location, where we opened our doors to the community for the first time. It was a great day as we welcomed families for tours, family-friendly activities and a meet-and-greet with Marlton�s Executive Director Emily Olivares. (Check out photos here.) Emily joined The Malvern School last fall as Associate Director and we�re thrilled to have her leading the charge in Marlton. Learn more about Emily�s background and experience in this Q&A!   Q: What do you love about The Malvern School? A: What sets The Malvern School apart is its staff. Each individual from the Executive Office to the individual schools is here to fulfill the mission of this organization. Their passion for early childhood education is clear in their daily interactions with the children and with each other.  Q: What�s your background? A: I�ve been working in the field of early childhood education for many years. Before I joined The Malvern School in the fall of 2017, I was a lead teacher at another learning center in New Jersey and a summer camp lead for the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey. Q: Where did you go to school? A: I�m a proud Rowan University grad! I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and Psychology. Q: What do you enjoy in your free time? A: I love to spend time with my family and experience new things, whether that be traveling to new places or trying something new at home.  Q: What is a fun fact about yourself? A: I was born and raised in Southern California! Q: What did you want to be when you were a child? A: Not surprisingly, a teacher! Q: What was your favorite subject in school? A: I couldn�t pick just one. It was a tie between reading and music. Q: What is your favorite children�s book? A: Oh, the Places You�ll Go!� by Dr. Seuss. If you�re interested in learning more about Emily and The Malvern School of Marlton, please reach out. We�d love to hear from you!