Meet Meghan Stumpf, The Malvern School of Royersford�s New Executive Director

1 min
Jul 15, 2024
Our Executive Directors play many important roles at our schools. They help ensure we deliver exceptional programming that encourages children to meet their highest potential, high quality standards are continually met and that the tried-and-true Malvern Way guides all aspects of the school � from the classroom to the front office. Following these standards and guidelines, our Executive Directors, as leaders and educators, have a tremendously positive impact that can be felt by our students, our families and our teachers every day. Given how important this role is, we�re very excited that Meghan Stumpf is now Executive Director at The Malvern School of Royersford! With more than a decade of experience in early childhood education, Meghan is a huge asset to the Royersford community. Learn more about Meghan�s background and experience in this Q&A!   Q: What do you love about The Malvern School? A: The Malvern School�s philosophy and core value to �Always put the children first� is something I feel very strongly about. It resonates with my personal beliefs and my own educational philosophy, and it is the foundation for everything we do. Q: What�s your background? A: I have been working in early childhood education for more than 12 years. I started my career in the classroom as a toddler teacher. In 2008, I joined the management team and quickly moved into a leadership role from Assistant Director to Executive Director. Q: Where did you go to school? A: I earned my master�s degree in Early Childhood Education from Arcadia University � with honors! Accomplishing that was one of my proudest moments! Q: What is your favorite children�s book? A: "The Giving Tree" by Shel Siverstein. This book taught me about compassion and always gives me a warm, loved feeling. Q: What is a fun fact about yourself? A: As a young child, I travelled throughout Europe because my father was an international opera singer.   Q: What do you enjoy in your free time? A: I enjoy spending time with my husband and in the great outdoors. I kayak, bike and I also like to experiment in the kitchen. If you�re interested in learning more about Meghan and The Malvern School of Royersford, please reach out. We�d love to hear from you!