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Inventor’s Workshop: Exercising Imagination and Ingenuity

Creativity, imagination and ingenuity are like muscles. They are skills that need to be fed and exercised, given opportunities to grow and be continually nurtured. They expand young children’s minds and help them see there’s a world of possibilities right at their fingertips!

This was the spirit of our Week 9/10 summer camp theme, Inventor’s Workshop. Our friends had unique opportunities to experiment, tinker and create while building confidence and having a ton of fun along the way! Check out some highlights below.


The Malvern School of Marlboro
Our Junior Campers had a blast participating in an engineering workshop run by Snapology, a group that offers STEM and STEAM enrichment programs. Our friends worked with Legos and learned how to follow blueprints to create cool designs, like a friendly alligator!


The Malvern School of Glen Mills
The Malvern School of Glen Mills hosted their second annual Drive-In Movie Day. Our friends, their families and our teachers flexed their creativity to build their own “cars” and joined together for a special movie screening!


The Malvern School of Voorhees
Throughout the week, our classes at The Malvern School of Voorhees worked on creating original robots, each with unique stories and capabilities! Our friends also focused on building their own creations with an array of different tools and materials.


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