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At-Home Activity Inspiration: Jungle Yoga Safari

There are so many creative ways to get outdoors and explore, even at home, but here’s one you might have not considered yet: a jungle yoga safari.

Our friends at The Malvern School of Oaks had a blast with every component of this activity, and it’s one you can easily pull off at home. Keep reading to learn how our teachers structured this at school, and feel free to improvise based on what works for you at home.

Here’s how it works:

1. Stage your safari.
Our teachers printed out photos of all kinds of wild animals and posted them in different spots around the playground. How difficult you want to make the hunt is up to you. Do this step before you get your child involved so you don’t spoil the surprise.

2. Create your gear.
Our friends started the fun by making their own safari vests and binoculars.

Using a brown paper bag, we made a few alterations (like cutting arm holes) to create the perfect vest. Kids then got creative decorating and personalizing their vests. We also made binoculars by decorating paper tubes, taping them together and adding a strap. (If you have real binoculars around the house, they’re great, too!)

3. Get into the spirit.
To get into the spirit, sing some of your favorite animal songs as you work on these projects. (Think: Going on a Bear Hunt, Five Green and Speckled Frogs, 5 Little Monkeys, etc.) You can also have fun by taking turns imitating each animal you sing about.

4. Make a list.
Make a list of all the animals you plan on searching for on the safari. You can either print this list out and have your child check off each animal when they find it, or you can have older children practice writing out the animal names themselves.

5. Get on your way – and strike a pose.
Off you go! Our friends had so much fun exploring all corners of our playgrounds to find the animals that were awaiting them. Once they found each one, we had them do a yoga pose that represents that animal for an added physical challenge.

Thanks again to The Malvern School of Oaks for making this awesome activity happen at school and for the inspiration for another super fun activity at home.

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