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Artist of the Month: Marc Chagall

Our Artist of the Month for November is Russian-French artist, Marc Chagall. An early modernist, Chagall was known to mix several mediums including painting, stained glass, illustrations and ceramics. As a part of the Cubism and Expressionist movements, most of his works were abstract with dream-like qualities.


Marc Chagall enjoyed painting real life objects. Our Preschool Class from The Malvern School of Oaks worked on their masterpieces by painting an object like the toy on the table.


Our friends at The Malvern School of Downingtown learned about our artist of the month and worked as a group to create a stained glass art project by sticking different colors of tissue paper together.


At The Malvern School of Glen Mills, the Get Set class were inspired by Marc Chagall’s abstract works of art and created self-portraits with paper plates, pieces of yarn and crayons.

Great job, friends!


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