After Saving a Friend�s Life, Malvern School Graduate and Varsity Athlete Jack Conant Heads to College for Nursing

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Jul 15, 2024
If you ask Jack Conant, a graduate of The Malvern School of Glen Mills who is now 18, what school experience helped him the most growing up, he�ll tell you it was learning to play with others. That was just the starting point for Jack. His story shows how remarkable his commitment is to helping others. �I have always wanted to be in the medical field, and there is a need for men in the field of nursing,� explains Jack, an honor roll student and varsity football player who graduated from Ridley High School in June. �Last year, one of my close friends dove into a shallow pool of water and I had to rescue him, saving his life. The unfortunate event solidified my choice to go into the medical field.� In recognition of this heroic act, Jack received awards from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Ridley Township�s Board of Commissioners, as well as The Above and Beyond Award from the Ridley School Board. Having worked part-time since he was 14, Jack has been preparing for his future career and is currently serving as a pharmacy technician before heading off to Bloomsburg University next month. �One of our hallmarks is focusing on developing the whole child � cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically � and Jack is an exceptional example of someone who got a strong start in these areas and has clearly excelled as a young adult on many fronts,� says Kristen Waterfield, President and Co-Founder of The Malvern School. �It�s an honor and a privilege to count Jack among our Malvern School alumni, and we wish him all the best at college and beyond!� This blog is part of a �Where Are They Now?� series featuring Malvern School alumni in honor of The Malvern School celebrating 20 years of excellence in 2018.