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For Early Childhood Education

Winter is Right Around the Corner at the Malvern School of Freehold!

Our Fall Harvest was a success with the families enjoying their pancakes and pumpkins. Our Pumpkin patch was overflowing with children picking the perfect one to paint. We had a blast!

We would like to thank all of the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles for showing up for our Halloween Parade. The kids were thrilled to walk around in there costumes for ALL the families to see!

Upcoming events at the Malvern School:

We will be having Fit for Kids coming to our school on December 2nd. The kids love exercising with “Soccer Sue” and “Baseball Bobby”.

Math Fun day will be on December 17th. The teachers will be thinking up some fun ways to teach their Math Lesson.

December 19th is our Winter Solstice. We will be celebrating the beginning of winter with fun food and snacks!

The children are really looking forward to a very exciting winter!!!!

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