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What Early Childhood Educators Want Parents to Know

Each year, every Malvern School recognizes a teacher that has gone above and beyond in their work. These teachers have imposed wisdom, created countless teachable moments, and most importantly, touched many young lives. This year, we asked fourteen of these teachers with a combined experience of nearly 80 years at The Malvern School (even more in the early childhood education field) one piece of advice they would give to parents. Here’s what they had to say…


 2019 Malvern School Teachers of the Year

“Know the importance of effective parent-teacher communication. This is essential and invaluable toward a child’s development.”

-Miss Stacy, The Malvern School of Erial


“Although it may be messy, take time to create art with your child. It allows them to practice fine motor skills, learn about textures and explore creativity.  I love Robert Frost’s quote, ‘I’m not a teacher, I’m an awakener.’”

-Miss Alyssa, The Malvern School of Lionville


“Create a bond with your child’s teacher so you can both work together to create a safe and loving learning environment for your child.”

-Miss Megan, The Malvern School of Richboro


“Set challenges for your child that encourage independence. They will surprise you.”

-Miss Maria, The Malvern School of Voorhees


“Children are also educators- not just teachers and parents.  I learn something from the children in my class every day.”

-Miss Emily, The Malvern School of Washington Township


“Remember, try not to compare your child to others, as all children develop at different rates.”

-Miss Natalie, The Malvern School of Royersford


“Promote independence. Your children are learning and absorbing so much information at these young ages. It is important to push them to learn how to do things for themselves. Let them learn firsthand so they can make mistakes and try again!”

-Miss Becky, The Malvern School of Horsham


“When playing with your child, encourage them to take turns to help learn the concept of sharing.”

-Miss Melissa, The Malvern School of Montgomeryville


“Keeping lines of communication open between parents and teachers is a crucial part of their educational journey at The Malvern School.”

-Miss Rachel, The Malvern School of Upper Gwynedd


“Working in early childhood education means not only building relationships with children but also the parents. Incorporating classroom lessons at home not only reinforces learning but also builds a relationship with your child’s teacher.”

-Miss Ashley, The Malvern School of Warrington


“Read to your child at bedtime. It is such an important part of their language and literacy development.”

-Miss Sandy, The Malvern School of Medford


“Go with your gut when faced with a parental decision. You’re usually right!”

-Miss Brittany, The Malvern School of Freehold


“Celebrate your child’s differences. It’s amazing to see how similar and different siblings can be at the same time”

-Miss Rebecca, The Malvern School of Marlboro


“I love to encourage families to enjoy time together. Go for a walk and talk about what you see and hear. Talk about what your food tastes like at dinner time. Bath time is a great opportunity to chat about what the water and bubbles feel like to your young child.  Incorporating the five senses into everyday tasks can help broaden your child’s awareness as well as develop their language.”

-Miss Sharon, The Malvern School of Marlton


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