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What Are Parents Saying About The Malvern School?


Looking for a special place that will provide love, nurturing, and forward-thinking education for your child is no small task. Of course, there’s a running checklist of needs that must be met for consideration, but there are certainly some that you can’t put into words.

So, what are parents saying about The Malvern School?

These Malvern School parents help explain the special feeling you get when you walk through the door. The feeling that makes you feel at home, and the feeling that makes you know, without a doubt, that The Malvern School is that perfect fit you’ve been looking for.

 “Every day I pick up my kids, they have a big smile and bright eyes to compliment the pure joy they have in their hearts for all of the wonderful staff at The Malvern School!” 

– Beth W. Facebook Recommendation

“I wanted a safe, inclusive, curriculum-based, and family-oriented environment for our child. Malvern is that and so much more.”

– Christy B. Facebook Recommendation

“As parents, we have noticed a remarkable change in our son from when he started at The Malvern School. He is a very happy and thriving toddler. Teachers at the school are amazing and patient. They take an active interest in his learning and development. It is the attention to detail that makes this school so special.”

– Neha A. 5 Stars on Google

“The staff at The Malvern School has been incredible and the infant head teacher is outstanding. She is so positive, cheerful, and a dream to leave your child with. I can get my work done with the confidence that he will be happy when I come to pick him up.”  

– Nicole S. 5 Stars on Facebook

“I knew when I dropped [my daughter] off every day that she would learn, play, be well cared for, and most of all, loved. I am grateful for that peace of mind, which can be attributed to each and every teacher, aid, and leader.” 

– Danielle I. 5 Stars on “So Tell Us”


Don’t take their word for it, visit us and see for yourself!

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