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Top 5 Podcasts Every Parent Should Subscribe To

As a parent, chances are you’re spending a lot of time in your car. Whether it’s dropping your child off at school or running (the ever-lasting list of) errands, nothing beats the behind the wheel blues better than a podcast. Podcasts can be a great way to offer some time to recharge or take the pressure off by entertaining your child and give you something to bond over.  From parenting tips and tricks to podcasts that you and your child can both enjoy, here are five podcasts that every parent should subscribe to:


1) “Unruffled” by Janet Lansbury. “Janet Lansbury is a parenting expert and the author of two books on babies and toddlers, and her soothing, reassuring advice makes you feel as if you really can be a calm, confident parent even in the face of toddler meltdowns and defiance. Lansbury’s approach focuses on respect for the child and acceptance of her emotions and development but allows for firm parental limits as needed. Unruffled offers extremely practical and specific advice for common parenting situations.” -The Washington Post


2)“Parenting: Raising Awesome Kids” by NPR. What do math, kindness, and self-regulation have in common? They’re ingredients to raising an awesome kid. In partnership with Sesame Workshop, Life Kit talks to parenting experts for tips and tricks to empower kids to be compassionate, embrace math without fear and cultivate self-control.



3)“Story Pirates”. Nothing can really match a kid’s original story in terms of absurd comedy. And that’s what’s at the heart of this wacky, wild, imaginative podcast. In each episode, the Story Pirates crew — a group of talented improvisers pretending to be pirates — read short stories written and submitted by kids, then reenact them with hilarious results. The writers throw in plenty of jokes for the grown-ups, too!


4)“Little Kids, Big Questions: A Parenting Podcast Series.” Addressing some of the most common (and challenging) issues facing parents of babies and toddlers, these podcasts feature the leading experts in child development to cover a wide range of topics including: helping a baby learn to sleep through the night, dealing with a picky eater, and learning to set limits on children’s behavior. These questions—and more—are covered by Ann Pleshette Murphy, a past contributor to ABC’s Good Morning America Parenting Segment and Vice President of the Zero to Three Board of Directors.


5)“Scholastic Reads Podcast. An award-winning podcast about the joy and power of reading, the books Scholastic publishes for children and young adults, and the authors, editors, and stories behind them.

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