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For Early Childhood Education

Time for STEAM!

Everyday at 2:00pm, the Pre-Kindergarten children at The Malvern School of Royersford are waking up from nap and getting ready for an exciting, educational adventure! Each afternoon, the children are participating in a variety of hands-on activities to further develop their skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM).

royes copyFor example, this week our STEAM activities are based around the book All Through My Town by Jean Reidy. After reading the book together, the children set out on a variety of activities to further their curiosity and understanding of towns. Imagine the creativity in action as the children worked together to create their own towns using a variety of boxes and art supplies! We also provided a variety of real blue prints to observe and then encouraged the children to sketch their own plans for a building. Then, the children shared their ideas to create a Venn Diagram comparing the features of a big city to those of a small town. The children also discussed community helpers and acted out different roles. Later on this week, we look forward to providing a variety of science experiments in which the children explore transportation and how wheels work. Overall, the children are having fun by predicting, measuring, drawing, exploring, experimenting, testing, working together, and having fun! At The Malvern School, we are thrilled to offer this new program to our Pre-Kindergarten children and looking forward to see the excitement continuing each day.

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