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Three Ways to Teach Honesty

qualityIntroducing good character values to our young children is an important piece of developing healthy, well-rounded adults. We pay close attention and focus on two character values each month and weave these lessons into our day-to-day activities and lesson plans. It’s equally important to carry these values into the home each night. In December, we taught the character value of Honesty. We hope you find the few tips listed below helpful when trying to instill this quality into your children.

Honesty (noun)  hon·es·ty –  the quality of being fair and truthful.

  1. Create a truthful home. Leading by example is one of the best ways to teach your child. Just as you can sense when someone is telling a lie, children can as well.
  2. Don’t set up a lie. If you find your child in a situation where you need them to take ownership of what they did, don’t challenge them to lie; confront them. For example, if Sally is holding the cookie jar with crumbs on her face, don’t ask if she ate a cookie without permission; simply confront her about what she did.
  3. Avoid labels. If your child is frequently telling lies, don’t label them as a liar. Over time, they will embrace the role and assume that it’s okay to lie.

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