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The Malvern School’s High Standards Mean Quality, Says Teacher Jenna Paul

Spotlight on Jenna Paul

  • Role: Lead Teacher and Health & Safety Coordinator
  • Classroom: Infants
  • Location: The Malvern School of Richboro
  • Malvern School Employee Since: 2018

When it comes to early childhood education, quality – of programming and teachers/staff – is everything. Miss Jenna embodies and appreciates The Malvern School’s commitment to both.

Not only does she have her Master’s degree in education, student teaching experience at the elementary school level and years of experience teaching infants, she is also an infant parent herself, a job that she says has made her an even more passionate teacher.

How do The Malvern School’s standards lay the foundation for quality?

JP: The Malvern School sets high standards for its teachers, which helps us maintain a quality education program. This helps families feel comfortable and confident entrusting us with the care of their children. It also provides us the freedom to tailor our curriculum to meet the varying learning needs of the children in our classrooms.

What kind of work environment does The Malvern School provide for you as a teacher?

JP: In Richboro, I can confidently say we truly work as a team. I can always count on my co-teachers, other teachers and Directors for support with anything that I need. Overall, The Malvern School of Richboro is a great place to work!

What has your experience been like at The Malvern School as a parent yourself?

JP: I have been the Lead Teacher in the Infant room for more than four years, but this year has been particularly unique because now I’m not only an infant teacher, I’m the parent of an infant as well. I think wearing both hats has made me an even more understanding and passionate teacher. This school year I had many first-time parents in the classroom, and I think they really appreciated that I could understand all the excitement and challenges that first-time parents face.


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