The Best of Tadpoles!

2 min
Jul 15, 2024
[caption id="attachment_3154" align="alignright" width="235"] "Tadpoles Childcare & Daycare App" The Tadpoles app connects families with The Malvern School.[/caption] At The Malvern School, we understand that today�s parents want to receive regular and timely information about their child while they are away from home. Tadpoles is our digital communications platform that allows us to send Daily Profiles, school announcements, notifications and photos to parents. It�s a great tool to keep you updated on your child�s activity, lesson plans, eating habits and so much more! Did you know...
  1. Tadpoles has an app for IOS and Android Download the app today and access all your child�s photos, daily profiles, send your teacher drop-off notes and receive push notifications!
  2. You can mark your child as absent. Is your child sick, on vacation or has a last minute change to your schedule? Simply mark your child as absent in the Tadpoles app. It�s quick, it�s easy and it alerts the entire school that your child will not be in class � including the Directors.
  3. Update your teachers with the Drop-Off Notes feature. This is particularly helpful for parents of infants. Simply add drop-off notes about your child�s morning before you drop him or her off at school. This can be done with the Tadpoles app on your smartphone. Add in their last feeding, diapering, nightly sleep and morning behavior. This will help you spend a few extra minutes with your little one as you drop him or her off.
  4. Photos are private and are archived on the app. The privacy of our children is very important. If there are other children in a photo with your child, it is protected which means it cannot be saved to a phone or shared on social media. You can also access all the photos of your child from the day they enrolled. Looking back at the Memories of your child at school is so much fun!
  5. Receive push notifications on your smartphone. Using the app on your phone will allow you to receive push notifications from the school. This includes alerts about inclement weather or other timely school announcements.
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