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Summer Safety Tips

Wake up and smell the sunblock, summer is finally here! School is out and fun is in full swing with extra time to play. With the official start of summer underway, it’s important to keep these seasonal safety tips in mind to stay cool- mentally and physically- all summer long.


  • Sunglasses safety- Protect your little one’s eyes when they’re out and about, but don’t worry about breaking the bank. Inexpensive glasses that are labeled for 99-100% UVA and UVB protection are just as effective in blocking the sun and keeping your child safe.
  • Skip the scented stuff- If you’re headed outdoors, avoid using scented soaps on your child or carrying sweetened beverages such as fruit juice, lemonade, etc. Strong, sweet scents such as these can attract insects and increase your child’s risk of being stung or bit.
  • Playground precaution- Playground surfaces made of concrete, asphalt, or dirt are often too hard to absorb impact in the event of a fall. If you have play equipment at home, be sure to use the CPSC recommended 9 inches of mulch or wood chips on the play surface to prevent injury on the playground and minimize tears.
  • Beware of the shade- Many people think seeking shade is a simple way to escape the sun. Although it does offer relief from the heat, it does not offer protection from UV rays, leaving children at risk to burn. Make sure you’re always applying sunscreen whenever you leave the house, even if you’ll be stationed in the shade.
  • Hydrate properly – Most don’t need to be told to keep your child hydrated in the summer heat, but it’s just as important to monitor how much they’re drinking. A child’s gulp equals about a half-ounce of fluid, so your child should drink about 10 gulps for every 20 minutes of play for proper hydration.


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