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Staff Set Up For Success at The Malvern School of Horsham

The Malvern School of Horsham’s Executive Director Cate Dodge (left) and Director of Education Devin Clinefelter (right) are former teachers who are committed to providing rewarding career opportunities for all staff members at the school.

Feeling valued, appreciated and supported – especially in a classroom environment – is essential for doing your best work. At The Malvern School of Horsham, we recognize how important this is, not only for our students but also for our staff. That’s why as we put the children first, we also prioritize the needs of the staff who nurture and teach them!

We’re in a unique position to do so with two former teachers leading our team in Horsham. Executive Director Cate Dodge and Director of Education Devin Clinefelter each have 15+ years of classroom experience.

They understand the ins and outs of working in a classroom, which enables them to support our staff members’ everyday needs and lend a helping hand whenever needed.

They set the tone for a positive, respectful culture where everyone helps one another on a daily basis and works collaboratively as we teach the minds of the future. This positivity is something you can feel as soon as you walk through our big red doors and join our Malvern School family. It only grows as you get to know the amazing families of our inviting infants, terrific toddlers, giggly Get-Setters, playful preschoolers and prized Pre-K students.

They also recognize the dedication that team members invest in caring for our young friends and reward everyone who takes pride in this important work.

This is what being a teacher-led organization is all about!


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