Spotlight: Director of Education of the Year - Katie LeVan

2 min
Jul 15, 2024
Named 2019 Director of Education of the Year, Katie LeVan may have technically been an individual winner in The Malvern School�s Annual Awards, but look closely and you�ll see a full team behind her � a collaborative group that pours their hearts into their work every day and makes The Malvern School a magical, enriching place for young children. [caption id="attachment_8273" align="alignright" width="407"] Katie LeVan, Director of Education of the Year, and Kristen M. Waterfield, President & Co-Founder of The Malvern School[/caption] �This award represents the hard work and dedication of an entire team at The Malvern School of Warrington,� Katie shares. Katie credits the Warrington team�s outward success to effective and constant communication. Whether it be communication to families or providing feedback to staff, Katie knows keeping the conversation open is the key to future success.   Leading her team to this achievement in just two years as a Director at The Malvern School, Katie was quickly recognized for her outstanding work ethic and leadership skills with this coveted award. When she began her journey in early childhood education as a Pre-K teacher, Katie didn�t just find a job, she found a love of working alongside teachers who create a positive and nurturing environment. It was then she knew she wanted to dedicate her life to doing just that. �The Malvern School shares my passion for working with young children and creating a positive environment for employees,� Katie shares.   Reflecting on the past few years of her career, Katie can personally attest to how much hard work pays off- as she truly personifies this statement. Her advice for teachers is to take on extra responsibilities, put forth the extra effort, and take on projects that will elevate their classrooms. The details and efforts put in are not only recognized by the parents, but also the students to create the best learning environment possible.    �Each day we are looked up to by the students in our care,� Katie states. �I believe that being and leading by example makes the strongest impact on my career and as well as my team�s. I pride myself on setting a positive example that directly affects the students.� These qualities practiced by Katie have elevated her career within The Malvern School and beyond. However, whatever success she finds she is quick to share with her team, which above all speaks to her leadership and character. The Malvern School is proud to have leaders such as Katie paving the way in early childhood education!