Richboro Loves Board Games!!

2 min
Jul 15, 2024
richboro1On Monday January 26 th, The Malvern School of Richboro hosted a �Board Game Day!� All children are brought their favorite board game to school to share with friends. We hosted this day in honor of our Character Values for the Month, Commitment and Patience. The children had the challenge of ensuring they are �committed� richboro3 to taking care of their game. Patience was exhibited through turn taking, sharing and waiting until it is time to play their game.�� Character and Values are a particular area The Malvern School believes in developing, even in the most basic way on an early childhood level. Here at The Malvern School, we are committed to engaging the children in activities which enable them to work on these richboro2skills. Our teachers continually work with the children to promote their skills and interests across all areas of development. These experiences begin a long journey of learning to work with others.�� Our teachers incorporate teaching theses important life skills into their program so, along with our focus on academics, we are helping build social skills and enhance emotional development.