One Year Of Fun�

2 min
Jul 15, 2024
marl2It has been a very busy time at The Malvern School of Marlboro. The winter continues to bring us lots of fun and exciting things to do. The students have been looking forward to special days planned on our activities calendar, which have included things such as our special 1 st birthday party and �Dress like your favorite Princess/Prince� day. On February 3 rd, the school celebrated our 1 st birthday! The children thoroughly enjoyed the festivities, which included snacks and fun birthday themed games in each classroom. All of our friends made their own birthday hats as one of the activities because no birthday party is complete without birthday hats! We had games such as �apple bowling� and �pin the leaf on the apple� and even had a face painter come to paint all of the children�s faces. A great time was had by all! Each month on our activities calendar, we try to incorporate fun things for the children to participate in. This month, the children got to dress up as their favorite princess or prince. Our friends had a great time coming in to school in their fancy attire and posing for their royal pictures. This activity quickly became a favorite for our friends. marl1As spring quickly approaches, we have a ton of other fun activities being planned and scheduled. We will be hosting our Spring Open House on March 21 st for all of our existing families and the community. It will be a fun day filled with spring themed activities. We are looking forward to having a great spring with our friends, new and old.