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October Curriculum Corner

A busy and fun month is already underway! Check out what our friends are focusing on throughout October and track along with your child’s daily Tadpoles reports to see how our curriculum – customized for the individual children in each classroom – comes to life every day.

Theme: People We Love

Our October theme focuses on the people that are most important to our students: family, relatives, friends, classmates and teachers. This theme is woven in throughout many of our activities, from art and reading to music and math.

Character Values: Compassion and Empathy

Modeling compassion and empathy, and instilling these values in our students, is foundational to our program year-round. This month, we’ll zero in on these two character values even more.

Authors of the Month: Anna Dewdney (Infants/Toddlers/Get Set) and Stan and Jan Berenstain (Preschool/Pre-K/Kindergarten Enrichment)

As our authors of the month, Anna Dewdney and Stan and Jan Berenstain are well known for their series of books that have strong familial elements. In addition to reading titles from Dewdney’s Llama Llama Red Pajama series and the Berenstain Bears collection, students will get involved in activities that are integrated with the stories and concepts they discuss. 

Artist of the Month: Grant Wood

The artist behind this famous “American Gothic” painting, Grant Wood – who hailed from Iowa – became best known for his Midwestern Regionalism style that depicts life in rural America. Our friends will be actively studying our Artist of the Month with hands-on art projects and related activities.


Science Topic: Weather

We’re all “Weather Watchers” this month! The change in seasons provides the perfect backdrop for us to focus on the science of weather.


Throughout the month, you will see our teachers’ expertise and creativity shine as they design lesson plans that maximize the educational value of these focus areas, as well as the fun!

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