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Oaks Celebrates 100th Day of School

oaksOur Pre-K classes had a celebration for 100 days of school. Each child was asked to bring in 100 items in a Ziploc baggie. With teacher guidance the children then counted each item and shared with the class. They also did 100 exercises like jumping jacks outside. Each child made a 100 day crown to wear. In addition they also talked about Pennsylvania 100 years ago. The children compared what kind of cars there were, what children wore to school and looked at roads. They were amazed mostly of what children used to wear to what we wear today. They also made a cup tower out of 100 cups!   Furthermore, they also used a writing prompt, “If I had 100 dollars…” and each child was able to write down anything they wanted.

As you can tell the day was full of hands on learning activities, excitement and fun.   We enhanced our social skills, math skills, expanded our vocabulary, cultural studies as well as fine and gross motor.

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