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For Early Childhood Education

Movement Monday: Namaste.

The practice of Yoga has many health benefits for all ages. For children, it can help them learn how to exercise, develop confidence and practice concentration.  At The Malvern School, our children are introduced to many different types of stretches, poses and breathing techniques that help enhance their physical well-being. Here are just a few for you to try at home!



  1. A good stretch is a great way for us to start the day! Try the “Downward Facing Dog Pose”. Starting in a dog position on all fours, push your bottom up toward the ceiling, keeping your hands flat on the floor.  For fun, you can bark like a dog and wiggle your bottom as if wagging a tail.  Once you get a good amount of practice with this pose, try lifting one leg, hold for a breath, lower, and then raise the other leg.
  2. Learning is fun; try the Yoga Counting Game! This is a great group activity to try during your next play date. Have a child go in the middle of a circle and ask him/her to perform a yoga pose. The other children then count aloud how long the position can be held. It’s a great way to incorporate numbers into a physical activity!
  3. Looking to slow down before naptime or unwind from the day? Try the “Candle” breathing technique. Sit with your legs crossed in a seated position; visualize a lit candle in front of you and breathe in deep through your nose. Slowly and gently blow out of your mouth with slightly parted lips so you don’t disturb the imaginary flame. Continue this until breathing has slowed and finish by gently blowing out the candle.




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