Morning�s at The Malvern School of Richboro

1 min
Jul 15, 2024
richboro1Here at The Malvern School we pride our program on the importance of building social skills and a sense of community in our classrooms. One of our best practices of this is our daily Morning Meeting in each classroom. Morning Meeting has three main components: Greeting, Message and Sharing (for verbal children.) The Greeting takes place in all classroom and can be presented in many ways. For our non-verbal children, our skilled teachers will speak for them introducing all of the children present for the day. Our verbal children will participate themselves, greeting a friend using not only their voice, but using one another�s names, making eye contact as well as some sort of physical contact (handshake, high-five, thumbs up, etc.) The Message portion takes place in our Preschool, Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Enrichment classrooms. The �Message� is meant to outline the children�s day as well as have them actively participating in the meeting. It promotes a print rich environment as well as the skills of pre-reading and writing. The Sharing portion takes place in our verbal classrooms. All children thrive on the opportunity to have a voice and this is a perfect example of how The Malvern School supports this. Sharing gives the children the spot light and attention they often times yearn for.�� Sharing also teaches the children public speaking skills as well as a sense of pride. Morning Meeting is meant to set the tone for the day! It is a time to set expectations and let the children know that the Love of Learning��..Begins here!