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Malvern School Family Spotlight: The Cravens

As we celebrate 25 years of growing together at The Malvern School, we’re spotlighting our families and team members who are the core of our schools! This is the first of many blogs that share family perspectives on how their children have grown at The Malvern School and what our school means to them.

Spotlight on the Craven Family

  • Parents: Kristin & Frank Craven
  • Children: Morgan (age 4) and Olivia (age 1)
  • School: The Malvern School of Oaks
  • Malvern School family for 5 years


How have your children grown since starting at The Malvern School?


“Our children have been part of The Malvern School since they were six weeks old. We have seen them learn the basics of sitting up, walking, talking and the core milestones expected of kids. But we have also seen their interests and personalities develop as well as their compassion for friends and others. We have seen them go from babies unable to control their limbs to being skilled toddlers and kids who use their large and fine motor skills. It has been such an amazing journey watching them grow.

With Morgan, we have seen her interests come in and out, but one that has stuck and been nurtured is her love of animals. The Malvern School has done a great job engaging her around her love of animals while teaching her about language and writing (her first book was about “Anomars” aka Animals) and building/engineering (building habitats out of blocks and Legos).

With Olivia, we have seen her grow from a baby into an independent toddler who is eager to learn her independence skills (getting dressed, getting things for herself) and her compassion for others. She is quick to give a hug and help put things away or assist with small tasks.”


What are your children’s favorite things to do at school?


“Our kids love reading and gravitate towards the reading nook at Fascination Station. The Discovery Center is a favorite for Morgan because she can let her imagination soar, and the sensory bin is always changing based on the theme of the month/week. They also enjoy art and getting messy – especially with paint! I credit The Malvern School and the teachers so much for letting them get messy. I don’t always have the energy to do it at home, and knowing they do it at school, I don’t feel like they are missing out.”


Are there any teachers or staff members you’d like to shout out?


“We love all of our Oaks teachers, especially the ones who have been with us since the start: Ms. Allison (Presner), Ms. Sarah (Hens), Ms. Sara (Ciaccio), Ms. Kerrie (Magliano) and Ms. Kerry (Aten).”


What’s your favorite Malvern School memory?


“Walking into the infant room to drop off for the first time. Although it was bittersweet, we knew it was the best decision for both of us – for us to be able to get back to work and enjoy what we love at our jobs, knowing they would learn so much more at The Malvern School than we could ever offer or provide at home.

Thanks to The Malvern School, our family has two independent children who are prepared and excited for a lifetime of learning!”


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