Malvern School Alum Taelyn Gray Becomes Published Author

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Jul 15, 2024
Dream big. It�s one of our Core Values at The Malvern School and one of the most powerful things early learning can inspire young children to do. At The Malvern School, we also build the educational foundation that can help our friends make those dreams a reality. Taelyn Gray, a former student at The Malvern School of Montgomeryville, is a shining example of just that. At 10 years old, Tae just published her first book, Grandma�s Nuggets, an inspiring tale of self-belief and determination!

�The Malvern School instilled a love of reading and telling and sharing stories, which helped prepare me to become a young author,� she says.

  Literacy is a core component of our curriculum at The Malvern School, as research shows early literacy skills are a strong indicator of a child�s self-confidence and future success. By sharing her story, Tae is inspiring children everywhere to pursue their dreams and believe in themselves! Read more in our Q&A with Tae below. TMS: How does it feel to be a published author at such a young age? TG: It�s an exciting and fulfilling achievement. It brings a sense of pride and accomplishment to have my work recognized and appreciated by others, especially my friends. TMS: Can you tell us a bit about your book, Grandma's Nuggets? TG: In the book, the main character, Tia, struggles with self-confidence and doubts her ability to win her first tennis tournament even though she knows how to play well. Fortunately, Tia�s grandma offers her some great advice that helps her believe in herself. TMS: What do you hope other children will learn from the book? TG: I hope this book will inspire children to believe in themselves and cherish their relationships with their grandparents. TMS: What sparked your passion for writing? TG: My passion for writing comes from a deep love of reading and a strong desire to share stories. In addition, writing can be a powerful tool for healing myself and others. TMS: What are your dreams for the future? TG: I plan to become a professional tennis player while continuing to write books. I also want to attend college and become a surgeon like my big brother, Trevell. Congratulations again, Taelyn � we�re extremely proud of you and can�t wait to see you continue to soar! Get your copy of Grandma�s Nuggets and learn more about Taelyn at .