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Lionville Celebrates 15 Years and More!

We are having a great time at The Malvern School of Lionville! We celebrated our 15th birthday on April 1st, and we are very happy to share great memories with so many families. The Week of the Young Child is in full swing- the children are having a blast as we put a special focus on children, parents and educators in Early Childhood with activities that remind us of the importance of learning through play.LION

In March, we celebrated literacy with a dress-up day featuring our Author of the Month, Dr. Seuss! Teachers and friends dressed up as a character from Dr. Seuss’s stories.

We are gearing up for Summer Camp, which is always a fun time of year! This year, we have many visitors and trips planned for the campers here, and our teachers will be offering plenty of hands-on summertime play!

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