Like a Home Away From Home

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Jul 15, 2024

Spotlight on Cari Fowler

  • Role: Executive Director
  • Location: The Malvern School of Medford
  • Malvern School Employee Since: 2010
When The Malvern School was preparing to open the Medford location in 2010, we knew we needed an experienced and exceptional leader at our new school. Cari fit the bill to a T. As Executive Director, she helped establish The Malvern School of Medford as a top early learning destination in Burlington County. For the past six years, she has also served as a Team Leader at various other Malvern School locations in New Jersey � ensuring The Malvern School feels like a home away from home for students, families and staff.

Why did you decide to make The Malvern School your professional home?�

CF: As a former Pre-K Lead Teacher and an experienced early learning Director, I felt an instant connection with The Malvern School�s educational philosophy centered on incorporating the whole child into early childhood development. I had already opened two other schools in the past with other companies, but I wanted to get in on the ground level and open a brand-new school with a high-quality child care program.

What makes The Malvern School feel like a home away from home?�

CF: The Malvern School provides a clean, safe and nurturing environment for all children and families. Our teachers take pride in their individualized approach to education, their love for our young friends and their organized classrooms. When walking into our building, it�s evident that the school feels like a home away from home. The Malvern School is also an extremely supportive environment for staff. As a Director, I love the work-life balance and look forward to coming to work every day knowing I have the support of my Business Managers and the Executive Office team. They have taken an active interest in developing my career and have truly inspired me to be a motivated leader.

Speaking of work-life balance, what has The Malvern School meant to your family?�

CF: All three of my children have gone through and graduated from The Malvern School. In fact, my son was one of the first infants at the Medford location back in 2010. It was a great experience for me to have my children join me and share all that quality time. I still reminisce with the staff who taught my children about their little personalities back then and how, in some ways, they still haven�t changed.  

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