How to Make the Most of Back to School Night

2 min
Jul 15, 2024
Back to School Night is always a great time for parents like you to connect � or re-connect � with your child�s teachers and learn more about the curriculum and routines in specific classrooms. To help make the most of your adult-only time at school, consider these tips:  
  1. Ask questions as you explore. We often hear from parents how much fun they have experiencing school as their child does. As you explore his or her classroom and our specialty Fascination Station and Discovery Rooms, ask the teachers what types of activities and centers your child likes best, where they excel and where they have room to learn. With a refresher on the type of play, skills and knowledge that are age-appropriate for your child, you�ll likely walk away with ideas for projects and games you can do together to reinforce learning � and have fun � at home.
  1. Think beyond your child�s current classroom. While most parents understandably focus their attention on their child�s current classroom, it�s also a good idea to think one step ahead and begin to familiarize yourself with the teacher and classroom you son or daughter will move up to next. Similarly to how we gradually transition children between classrooms, you�ll begin to get a sense for how things work and the new learning opportunities your child will experience as he or she grows.  
  1. Devote time to talk with your Directors. Our Directors are a wealth of knowledge and actively manage every aspect of their schools, from operations and facilities � to curriculum and lesson planning � to health, safety and more. And while they are not in the classroom with your child 100 percent of the time like their teachers are, they also keep their fingers on the pulse of how each and every student is doing to ensure they are learning, happy and thriving. Have questions, feedback or just want to connect? Their door is always open.
  1. Meet and connect with other parents. We know drop-off and pick-up are often hectic times of the day, so use the evening to meet and connect with the friendly face you see every morning, the kind parent who offers to help when your hands are full and other parents of your child�s classmates. There is a strong sense of community among Malvern School parents and this is a great opportunity to strengthen it.
For any questions about Back to School Night at your specific school, please contact your Directors!