How Model Classrooms Set the Standard of Excellence

4 min
Jul 15, 2024
Setting the standard for excellence has always come second nature to The Malvern School. The policies, training, and structure that is put in place are the driving forces behind providing the best learning environment to children every day. These standards are set and exceeded through The Malvern School�s Model Classroom program. The Model Classroom program highlights exemplary classrooms amongst all Malvern Schools to be used as an example for excellence that other teachers can follow. The criteria to achieve this honor stretches far beyond classroom appearance, demanding excellence in categories such as health and safety, classroom practices, and professional characteristics carried by the teachers. The classroom must be exceptionally neat and child-friendly, show evidence of excellent communication and health and safety procedures, create small group learning opportunities, and much more. To get a closer look at the program, we visited The Malvern School of Downingtown, a school that holds not one, but four model classrooms that set the standard of excellence and embody The Malvern Way. Dana Berthoud, Director of Education at the school, spearheads Downingtown�s program and ensures all Model Classrooms are up to standard through monthly formal observations and collaboration with a Program Operations Manager from The Malvern School. �As Directors, it speaks to the school�s success and the teachers� hard work that proves they�re being the best they can be,� Dana explained, �Teachers take a lot of pride in having a model classroom and it�s an honor that every teacher strives for. We frequently meet with teachers to discuss how they can meet this goal. It�s a great system to have in place to ensure that every classroom is striving to be the best they can be for the children.� During our visit, we asked teachers in the Get Set and Pre-K classrooms what it means to them to lead a Model Classroom, what measures they take to uphold the Model Classroom standards, and what value they find in the process. [caption id="attachment_8337" align="aligncenter" width="475"] Miss Vonetta, Get Set Lead Teacher, and Miss Mathavi, Get Set Assistant Teacher[/caption] �To me, having a model classroom means others value our hard work and that we�re making a positive impact on the children. I look at it as if I had my own child in the classroom and think about how I would want them to be taught. I�m always researching best practices for children and bringing my training back to the classroom.� -Miss Vonetta, Get Set Lead Teacher �We always make sure our classroom is organized, cheerful and inviting, and that we implement ideas that make learning exciting. Modeling to our children the good things we expect from them is our biggest priority. It gives me so much pride to see our students happy and nurtured- the best thing we can do in life is to care for a child. My only wish for them is that their next teacher gives them as much love and care.�  -Miss Mathavi, Get Set Assistant Teacher [caption id="attachment_8338" align="aligncenter" width="475"] Miss Lara, Pre-K Lead Teacher, and Miss Pushpa, Pre-K Assistant Teacher[/caption] It�s a great honor to give other teachers inspiration to bring back to their own school. We always keep the classroom appearance up to date and eye-catching. Having a Model Classroom keeps us on our toes to make sure we�re constantly being the best we can be.   -Miss Laura, Pre-K Lead Teacher �We always come with a plan and a positive mindset, and that is why the children are happy. What we do and how we do it is all about the children, every day.� -Miss Pushpa, Pre-K Assistant Teacher     Beyond the bright, eye-catching displays, collaborative children�s work, and health and safety practices, the nurture and dedication from the teachers are what makes Model Classrooms and all classrooms at The Malvern School a special place to be. Take a closer look inside the walls of a Malvern School model classroom- where the possibilities are endless!