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How Michelle Donahue Turned a Part-Time Teaching Job Into a 20+ Year Career

In Glen Mills, Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator Michelle Donahue (center) – pictured with Executive Director Elizabeth Jones (left) and Assistant Director Jennifer Vignola (right) – says she has been able to grow her impact as an educator thanks to The Malvern School’s opportunities for career growth.

Spotlight on Michelle Donahue

  • Role: Lead Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator
  • Classroom: Pre-Kindergarten
  • Location: The Malvern School of Glen Mills
  • Malvern School Employee Since: 2000

Ms. Michelle knows a good opportunity when she sees one. She got her foot in the door with The Malvern School when she was a 19-year-old college student – and turned what began as a part-time job into a successful 20+ year career.

How did you know so early on that The Malvern School was the place for you?

MD: It was an easy decision to continue my career at The Malvern School after graduating college. I love being with kids and have really learned a lot from The Malvern School’s program. It’s continually being enhanced, not only for the children but for the teachers and staff as well. Our programming provides a ton of opportunities for everyone to learn and grow.

How has The Malvern School helped you build your career? 

MD: I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach children in every room, from infants all the way to Kindergarten enrichment. I gained a lot of very valuable experience in the process, which helped me work my way up to become a Lead Teacher and a Curriculum Coordinator. Having the freedom to run my own classroom, individualize The Malvern School’s curriculum for my students and serve as a mentor and resource for other teachers has really helped me grow my impact as an educator.

What are you most proud of career wise? 

MD: I take great pride in preparing young children for success in Kindergarten and beyond, but supporting Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) has also been a big part of my career at The Malvern School and is something that I’m extremely proud of. I love putting together fundraisers and events to help raise money for such a great cause – and I’m so glad I can assist and be a part of my school being one of the top Malvern School fundraisers for ALSF for many years now.


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