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How a Supportive Culture Sets the Tone for Teaching and Learning at The Malvern School

Spotlight on Gigi Garcia

  • Role: Director of Human Resources
  • Location: The Malvern Executive Office
  • Malvern School Employee Since: 2021

Managing human resources across an early learning organization that’s hundreds of people strong is a tall order. For Gigi Garcia, The Malvern School’s Director of Human Resources, it’s an opportunity and a responsibility she takes in stride.

When Gigi joined our team in 2021, she jumped in with two feet – plus years of strategic HR experience in early childhood education and a positivity that’s contagious – and has quickly made her mark. Beyond personally helping set the tone for an upbeat, collaborative culture across the organization, she is also making strides in continually enhancing the ways The Malvern School supports and rewards teachers, Directors and staff.

How would you describe the culture at The Malvern School?

GG: The Malvern School has amazing people and an inclusive, positive, supportive culture. All of our decisions are driven by what’s best for the children and what’s best for our staff. We offer a supportive environment that encourages our teammates to bring their creativity and passion to their work so they can grow and enrich the lives of others.

How does The Malvern School enable teachers to use their skill and passion in the classroom? 

GG: Because our curriculum is a framework of learning principles, the children have educators who tailor learning to the students’ interests and individual needs. The teachers do this by incorporating their skills and passion for music, the arts, technology, literature and more into the delivery methodology. The results are creative, unique and memorable lessons for our students – and the quality of the education delivered to our students is fabulous.

What has your personal experience been like working at The Malvern School?

GG: I’ve been given the freedom and autonomy to bring my best to work every day. I’m encouraged and supported when suggesting changes, improvements, enhancements and additions that will benefit our team – as both professionals and individuals – and our schools.


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