Gather around. It�s dinner time!

2 min
Jul 15, 2024
Getting to know your child and connecting with them can often be a challenging task. Even at a very young age, parents can deepen their relationship with their child and create a strong foundation for the future. Today, we are sharing five conversation starters to get the ball rolling at dinner tonight! 5ways-_-2    
  1. Start with the Tadpoles app, The Malvern School�s parent/teacher digital communication tool. Briefly review the activities that your child experienced throughout the day and ask specific questions. �Gregory, I heard you did spin art today at school. That sounds like fun! What colors did you use to swirl the paint?�
  2. Ask general questions about feelings and give specific examples. �Who was happy today? Mommy was happy when Sara gave her a hug when she got home. Sara, what made you happy today?�
  3. Explore favorite activities, books, colors or songs and ask why it is their favorite. �Daddy�s favorite song is �The Wheels on the Bus!� He likes when the kids go up and down. Timmy, what is your favorite song?�
  4. Bring your family or friends into the conversation. �Grandpa really likes to watch football, doesn�t he? Do you know who his favorite team is? What color is their jersey? Do they have a mascot?�
  5. Think ahead and have a character or values topic planned. �Mary, do you know what it means to be generous? Being generous means that you are happy to give something to someone else who is in need. Can you tell me about a time you were generous?�
The opportunities to spark conversations with your children are endless! We hope you get started tonight and begin a family tradition around the dinner table.   malvern-facebook-croppedDo you LIKE us on Facebook? Join us today for school updates, special events and activities, and tips on how to educate your children at home!