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For Malvern School Teacher Anna Kuhn, It’s All About Child-Centered Learning

Spotlight on Anna Kuhn

  • Role: Lead Teacher & Curriculum Coordinator
  • Classroom: Older Toddler
  • Location: The Malvern School of Lionville
  • Malvern School Employee Since: 2017

Miss Anna first discovered her passion for teaching as an assistant ballet and tap instructor for dancers as young as two years old. Since then, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Early Grades Preparation (PreK to grade 4) and gained nearly a decade of experience as an early learning teacher. Now, she’s not only educating young children, she’s also teaching her Malvern School colleagues about something she’s a firm believer in: child-centered learning.

What stands out to you about The Malvern School’s curriculum?

AK: When I first visited The Malvern School of Lionville, I saw how child-centered the learning experience is. I’m so in love with our high-quality programming and the fact that things like yoga, STEAM and character values are integrated into the daily curriculum. I also appreciate the authentic assessments we utilize that are based purely off of our observations and documentation of students’ abilities and interactions. I’m a firm believer in child-centered learning, and The Malvern School always holds true to this standard!

In addition to teaching, I enjoy supporting other teachers as Lionville’s Curriculum Coordinator. In this role, I support fellow teachers in developing engaging learning experiences and have the opportunity to train new hires on The Malvern Way.

As a teacher, what else do you appreciate about The Malvern School?

AK: I admire the systems in place to help teachers like me continue developing professional skills so we can advance our careers. I also truly appreciate the work-life balance The Malvern School provides. I never have to bring projects home!

What makes The Malvern School so special for children and families?

AK: The Malvern School feels like one giant family! Parents are able to trust the teachers with their little ones while working and feel connected with their children while they are at school. We use the Tadpoles application to provide consistent and transparent communication – for example, sending snapshots of each child’s day, providing descriptions of daily activities and photographs of children engaged in learning and playing with peers.

I’m expecting my first child, and I plan on bringing them to The Malvern School of Lionville to learn and play!


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